Microimpuls IPTV/OTT Middleware Smarty

Smarty - the solution for making operator service of interactive television. Smarty is adapted for all modern devices, media platforms, Smart TV and all popular operator Set-Top Box IP consoles (including "veterans" of the IPTV market like MAG, Amino, etc.), mobile devices and the modern media consoles.

A full number of features Smarty allows you to call it a real operating system for interactive TV!

Broadcast TV
Time-shifted TV
Catch Up TV
TV by interests
TV by categories
Video On Demand
Online OTT VOD integrations
User sorting
Screen payments
Extended EPG
Big Data of TV
Website integration
Internal billing system
Extended API for developers
Something new feature

Microimpuls provides apps, widgets and firmwares for many devices which customer can use to watch TV and VoD in any time and any place, including concurrently.

Due to Microimpuls WindyCast interaction technology customer can use playshifting service and use mobile device as remote control for TV.

The innovative function of "TV by interests" allows you to present the content of TV channels in a convenient and intuitive form, offering the subscriber to choose exactly what he wants to watch at the moment and in the catch up.

Meta-information about TV programs is extracted from the EPG. Smarty supports various services:

  • EPG Service
  • Teleguide
  • Yandex
  • SDK for self-developed parser

The electronic program guide (EPG) in Smarty contains not only the title and description of the program, but also detailed information such as the name of the series, the category, genres, tags, cast and crew composition, the list of presenters, year and country of production, sports matches. In addition, the programs are illustrated with pictures and frames from films and shows.

Smarty supports various services:

  • EPG Service
  • Teleguide
  • Yandex
  • SDK for self-developed parser

All this only a small part from an arsenal of Smarty’s opportunities!

Advantages of applications and widgets for users


  • The evident and habitual interface with multilanguage support
  • The interface is adapted to match the screen size
  • Optimized for specific types of devices: for STB - interface for remote, touch-interface for mobile devices
  • Support of the latest devices - Tizen, WebOS with the gyroscopic remote
  • WindyCast interaction technology by Microimpuls - playshifting from device to device and remote control on the mobile

Technological effectiveness:

  • Set-Top Box, Smart TV, mobile devices - don't make excess load of the Middleware server
  • Ability to "stand" a reset and shutdown of the server
  • Charily consume a network traffic for business purposes
  • As much as possible use all opportunities of the device

Possibilities of customization:

  • Connection of the external CSS file
  • Switching of the built-in styles
  • Redefinition of logic of behavior and addition of new functionality through Javascript-event handlers
  • Development of individual design of UI

Demonstration of the user interface on the TV

Smarty basic equipment includes several ready designs of the user interface. The template includes appearance of UI, and also logic of interaction of the user with the device.

User guide
Video demo

Demonstration of the user interface on mobile devices

The supported devices

Smart TV


Set-Top Box

Dune HD
Vermax UHD




Windows PC
Mac OS X
Amazon Fire TV

"Production" ready!

Microimpuls Middleware Smarty is approved by IPTV system administrators and engineers: possibilities of scaling, high fail safety, a flexible configuration - all this thanks to the thought-over architecture of an application server and compatibility with standard and open technologies.

The system is completely ready to the highest loadings - is confirmed with services of our customers!

During operation of a complicated technical product there are always risks connected with emergencies and influence of external factors on a operability and stability of system. Microimpuls offers services in technical support of your project with flexible approach for the most different providers, so you can doesn't worry about stability and fail safety of your service!

The loyal Microimpuls policy of updating software products allows providers to have always current version of a platform on the server - access to the FTP server with updates is provided for clients, and new versions and the list of changes are regularly published at a forum.

Readiness for integration with external systems

Existence "under a hood" expanded API (the interface for the developer) allows to integrate the IPTV/OTT platform with external billing system, adapt new devices and applications, introduce system of acceptance of payments, integrate the website (a private office of the user, connection to service, information about channels and tariffs, TV program, etc.), and also to develop proprietary applications and services.

The ready collection of scripts for integration, libraries of a code and scripts of migration of data from other platforms is available to system engineers in a repository on github.com

Cloud or local?

You can choose the most suitable version of installation the Smarty system:

  • Local – this version of the software installed on the provider's servers and is fully under his control. This version is suitable for medium and large providers. Besides, Microimpuls can execute the complex project and provide the server hardware with the preset software.
  • Cloud – system works in Microimpuls "cloud", and access for users is provided on the Internet. Access to Smarty administration panel is provided for control of service. This version is suitable for beginners and small providers.

Weren't defined yet?

Why Microimpuls:

  • Hybrid – IPTV and OTT support in one service
  • Support of all existing services and functions in interactive television
  • The Multiprovider technology allows to start local "cloud" and to use the Middleware platform for several projects
  • Expanded opportunities for monetization
  • Content protection with CAS by global manufacturers and own development of the mechanism of authorization
  • Visual and technical customization of our solutions for your brand
  • Scalability – the system will not fail with a growth of user loading and increase in infrastructure
  • Multiscreen – connect users from any devices