MicroPVR – the solution for TV recording service and a VoD

MicroPVR - a multifunctional TV Recording Manager, which enables you to run a variety of non-linear TV services. Give to your users an opportunity to use the main advantages of interactive television!

Now users will be able to watch favorite TV program at any time or can themselves make a record of interesting programs, and pause tv broadcast!

The strengthened productivity with 3 levels of memory

MicroPVR modules designed and developed taking into account the high load on the service timeshifting and VOD, especially on function of rewind and a pause and therefore most effectively use disk storage, at the expense of a caching on the SSD, in RAM and recording in HDD for long-term storage.

Give to your users more opportunities with services of non-linear TV:

  • Catch Up — record of telecasts for viewing in convenient time.
  • Time Shifting — an opportunity to see all broadcast for last days.
  • ТV-pause — an opportunity to pause a live broadcast.
  • VOD — create your own catalog of movies for users in the Video on Demand mode.

Advantages of MicroPVR

  • High efficiency thanks to simultaneous record on carriers of different types (HDD, SSD, Memory) and access speeds.
  • Expanded functions of management and monitoring at integration with  Middleware Smarty, and compatibility with outer platforms thanks to API.
  • Long storage and resistance to failures: MicroPVR automatically restores a state at resets of the server, controls recording and free space in storage.
  • Integration with decisions of Microimpuls for video transcoding - support of function of content ingestion and control of the VOD catalog via the administrative Middleware Smarty interface.