A company with integrated technological solutions and services in the field of interactive television. We have been ridding people of the archaic technologies of the past by providing an ever-improving interactive TV platform to our partners for eight years now.

We create conditions for organizing a professional technological infrastructure for IPTV and OTT operators. We modernize the technologies of companies with experience in providing interactive television services.

Microimpuls reverently monitors the reliability and quality of products, which guarantees compliance with the latest market requirements. Flexible working conditions are the key to success for our partners: our company specializes not only in individual complex products - the developed solutions can be customized individually for each client based on the specifics of his business. In addition, Microimpuls is an operator providing its own interactive digital television service Impuls TV. The company's activity is licensed by Roskomnadzor.

The experience of the company is a guarantee of reliability, stability and quality. Microimpuls software products have been tested by time, high load, constant growth of the subscriber base of our customers. They use the maximum hardware resources of the equipment and allow you to provide services to an unlimited number of users thanks to the planned scaling of the infrastructure, instead of regular platform replacement.

We value our partners, most of them can be found on the corresponding page of the site.

Innovation and individual approach are the factors that determine the process of developing new products.

Fair price is our advantage. In the markets of Russia and other countries, Microimpuls solutions are distinguished by a favorable price.

The team at Microimpuls is the pride of the company. Our employees are professional developers and engineers, specialists in the market of interactive television and Internet video services. Everyone contributes to the development of products, this guarantees an integrated approach and the quality of the services provided.

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